Byron Low
Byron Low


About Byron

  • 25+ years coaching experience (Master Coach).
  • Started 22+ businesses and non-profits for self and others.
  • Expertise in strategic leadership development, team effectiveness, talent development, leadership pipeline development, leadership skills, resiliency and influence building, increasing focus.
  • I enjoy helping others sort through clutter to see patterns where others see complexity.
  • I enjoy explaining the "why" and why the “why” is so critical.
  • I relish painting the "what if" that inspires others to act.
  • I like leading others without having any direct power.
  • A long time ago I learned to listen first, then ask lots of questions.
  • I love getting results.
  • I am 100% committed to on-going change.

I am a technical guy with the ability to connect with others. As someone who is process oriented, I thrive on solving problems. My entire career has been dedicated to improving the lives of others. My best work is with folks who are earnest in their desire to improve despite difficult setbacks or lost traction in their lives and careers; they are determined to get to the next level and are ready for their next challenge; they are disciplined to stay the course because they want what is best for them and they know that personal and professional growth is going to be uncomfortable. They have the required focus, courage, energy and are willing to commit to the time it takes to move forward in their lives and careers. My coaching system is thorough and it provides the structure for this to happen.

LOVE the Predictive Index! Was introduced to PI in 2011. Two things I love most about PI are:

  1. How easy and fast it is to complete the behavioral assessment. There are lots of assessments on the market and none are as fast and easy to complete.
  2. I love providing my clients the Talent Optimization framework for looking at their businesses. No one disputes that people are our most precious business resource. With Talent Optimization, we can show business leaders how to leverage their people data to get the results they want. It’s amazing.